Here are some Frequently Asked Questions

1) When will the convention catalogs be mailed?

The convention catalog will be one of the largest and finest produced. The catalogs will be coming out later in the summer. They can be ordered as a print copy or an e-catalog available for instant download. 

2) I am excited and making my travel arrangements. When will rabbits and cavies be accepted for arrival?
To assist with your travel planning here is some preliminary information. You may begin cooping animals as early as noon on Thursday
, October 6, 2016 through Saturday, October 8 at 6:00 PM. The showroom will be open 24 hours on Friday  night to receive animals. All animals must be cooped and checked in by 6:00 PM Saturday evening. Many exhibitors arrive on Friday.  Remember, that Rabbitcon will be taking place on Friday October 7 and Saturday, October 8.  There will also be tours and other activities on Saturday, October 8.  Judging begins on Sunday morning. Please check the convention catalog for a detailed schedule as there is much more information than can be listed here.

3) I am on a budget, do I have to rent a car?
It is not necessary. Many shuttle services are available to and from the San Diego airport at a reasonable cost of approximately $30-$40.   If staying at the headquarters hotel, the Hilton offers their own shuttle to local restaurants, etc (up to 5 miles). And, the fairgrounds showroom is within walking distance (10 minute walk). 

4) May I bring extra animals to sell?
All animals on the fairgrounds must be entered in the show and exhibitors are encouraged to enter as many animals as they wish including sale animals. Any extra animals must remain completely off the fairgrounds. It is not recommended that you bring animals that are not entered in the show. Please see the complete convention show rules.

5) I cannot attend, may I ship animals to the show?
Yes, please see the official catalog for information on air freight entries. See question 19, below.

6) I want to bring my spouse, are there any (non animal) activities planned?
Yes, please see the catalog for many special tours and attractions.  This year we have a Hotel Del Coronado Tour; Tacos Tequilla and Tombstone Tour, KW Cages Factory Tour, La Jolla and Balboa Park Tours.

And don’t forget all of the other San Diego and Southern California attractions which include Disneyland, Lego Land, Knotts Berry Farm, Sea World, Antique Tractor Museum, Railroad Museums, Auto Museum, Aerospace Museum, sports fishing, scuba, and much, much more.

7) When is the Entry Deadline?
The entry deadline is September 12 for snail mail entries and September 19 for web entries.

8) What type of bedding material will be provided?
The primary bedding will be white pine shavings. All exhibitors are asked to remove wet or soiled bedding daily.

9) What type of feed will be provided?
The conventional provide rabbit pellets, fresh water and supplemental hay.  The official feeds of the 93rd ARBA convention are listed below. It will include most major national brands and most local brands.

10) Will feed and water cups be provided?
Basic metal feed and water cups are provided, however many exhibitors prefer to bring their own dishes or bottles.

11) If I purchase rabbits or cavies, will a veterinarian be available for airline health certificates?
An official convention veterinarian will be available to provide health exams and certificates at specified times posted in the show room. 

12) Are health certificates required if I am driving to California?
The California Department of Food and Agriculture does not require a health certificate for rabbits and cavies coming across the state line. The agriculture inspection station may perform a visual check to see that animals are healthy but does not require a health certificate.

13) Are health certificates required if I am flying to California?
Most airlines require health certificates for rabbits and cavies which travel by air. Check the individual requirements for each airline.

14) I enter shows all of the time, do I have to buy a convention catalog?

When submitting an entry you must agree to the rules of the convention that are published in the catalog.  Ignorance of the rules is not an acceptable reason if found in violation. The show catalog is over one hundred pages, and is your guide to all convention activities including showroom classes, awards, youth activities, conferences, banquets, contests, banquets, hospitality events, tours, schedules, maps and much more. It includes all order and entry forms, ballots and other important information. The official rules in the catalog are special to an ARBA convention and every exhibitor is required to know them. Therefore it is highly recommended that every household purchase at least one convention catalog to use as a reference. Catalogs can be ordered as print copies or online E-catalogs. 

15)The hotel I wanted to stay at is sold out, now what?
Please visit the accomodations page. There are plenty of overflow hotels at affordable pre-negotiated rates. You may also consider asking the hotel if they have a “waiting list” in case they get any cancellations. Not all do, but it may be worth a try.

16) I am coming from Canada, eh— what documents do I need for my animals?
To cross the Canadian border by automobile, or the California border for that matter, absolutely no documents (permits or health certificates) are needed. When going through any inspection station, you must declare your animals to the agents, but, again no documents are required. It advisable that all animals be in proper and safe transport cages and be in good heath. If traveling by air, check with your airline for any special requirements they may have. Check out our traveling with animals from Canada reference page for the source of this information or updates.

17) Wow that is a cool logo for the show!  When can I buy official logo merchandise?
Please watch our website for details. 

18) Will I need to pull my kids out of school for the youth contests?
Probably. Some youth team, judging, and breed ID contests happen on the first Sunday of the convention, however, the Royalty contests go on through Tuesday. Please see the catalog for an official detailed schedule.

19) If I ship my rabbits in to San Diego Lindberg Field as air freight, can someone pick them up for me?
Yes, you can make arrangements for us to get your animals to the showroom and cooped at no charge if you will not be attending. There is a small charge for this service, please see the catalog for details and the contact person.

20) I’ll be paying by credit card, do I need to list my name along with my child’s entry?
No, only enter youth animals in the youth exhibitors name since it is a violation of the rules for adults to enter in the Youth show. 

21) What is a badge for Rabbitcon?
A Rabbitcon badge is not required to enter the ARBA convention or to have access to the showroom but it is needed if you wish to attend the educational conferences on Friday and Saturday.  Choose to attend one or all conferences, the price is the same. Sorry, individual conference badges are not available. Please review the convention catalog and plan out your week as there are many events and activities. It may not be possible to participate in every activity. 
Please note that IDs will be checked at the door. Purchase your tickets is early as possible to get the best pricing. Prices increase closer to convention or at the door. 

22) Which will be the official convention feeds?
The following companies have generously provided showroom feed. Exhibitors are free to use this feed to feed animals during the show. Exhibitors taking feed out of the showroom will have their entries disqualified. This show will be fed by:

Heinhold Feeds
Purina Mills, Inc
Manna Pro Corporation
Templeton Grain and Milling
ADM Nutrition, Pen Pals
King Feeds, Inc.

23) Can I hang things to decorate my coops or advertise my animals?
The nearly 100 year history of the show is primarily as an exhibition of animals. The cages should be as plain as possible so that attendees can see the animals. Only business cards or small advertisements not to exceed 4″ x 6″ x 1/4″ thick are allowed on a coop provided they are removed after the exhibition. Any other signs, banners, curtains, yarn, bells, wood, or any other items will be removed by show staff and discarded.

24) Will I get a parking pass in the mail before the event?
You will not need a pass to enter the fairgrounds for check in. You can use your confirmation sheet to show the guard upon your initial arrival. If you entered by US Mail, your confirmation was mailed to you. If you entered online, it is your resposnibility to print out your online entry form. Your parking permit will be provided at check-in. The pass must be visible in the car during the event. Otherwise the current daily fee without in and out privileges. You can purchase a parking pass with in and out privileges when you enter. 

25) What are the options for flying my rabbits?
The ARBA Airlines Committee recently published an Airline Travel Guide: Flying Tip Sheet

26) Do I need risers and what is the coop size?
A riser is a raised wire grid platform that keeps your rabbit out of the bedding material (pine shavings). It is not an airbill a requirement but increasingly people like how they keep the rabbits sanitary.  If you do want one, the vendors will have them available.

Official Coop Sizes

3 Hole Small
Length – 45″
Hole Size – 15″x14″
Door Size – 7-3/4″x7-3/4″
Britannia Petite, Dwarf Hotot, Netherland Dwarf, Polish

4 (6-L) Hole Small Plus
Length – 69″
Hole Size – 14″x18″
Door Size – 9-1/2″x16″
Fuzzy Lop, Dutch. Florida White, Havana, Himalayan, Holland Lop, Jersey Wolly, Lilac, Mini Lop, Mini Rex, Mini Satin, Silver, Standard Chin, Tan, Thrianta

2 Hole Medium
Length – 45″
Hole Size – 21″x21″
Door Size – 9-3/4″x16″
American, American Chinchilla, American Sable, Belgian Hare, Beveren, Californian, Champagne, Cinnamon, Crème D’Argent, Harlequin, Hotot, Mini Satin, New Zealand, Palomino, Rex, Rhinelander, Satin, Silver Fox, Silver Marten, Meatpen, Stewers, Roasters

2 Hole Large
Length – 54″
Hole Size – 22″x25″
Door Size – 11-3/4″x14-1/ 4″
English Angora, English Lop, English Spot, Flemish Giant, French Angora, French Lop, Giant Angora, Giant Chin, Satin Angora

2 Hole X-Large
Length – 45″
Hole Size – 21″x30″
Door Size – 11-3/4″x12-1/ 2″
Checkered Giant

Disclaimer: The coop sizes are based on the most reliable information but are subject change depending on final entry.  Vendors will have risers available for preorder or at the show.

27) Can I bring animals that are not entered in the show?
The ARBA Convention is a formal exhibition of animals. Animals that are not officially entered in the show are not permitted in the showroom or on the fairgrounds. Animals that are not entered must stay at your home or hotel. No animals may be left in automobiles or trailers parked on the fairgrounds. The show rules call for a forfeiture of entry fees, expulsion, and possible fines for violators.

28) Can I use my “scratch coop” to offer an animal for sale?
Please see answer 27, above. No animals are permitted in a so called scratch coop unless that animal was properly substituted into the show and substitution fee paid. 

29) What are the rumors that the ARBA banquet will be extra special this year. 

Unlike most ARBA Banquets, the CRCS version a unique this year because it features and outdoor setting in the historical paddock area of the fairgrounds.  You definitely get your money’s worth. You can still purchase tickets online or at check in.

30) I noticed this year’s convention is being hosted by a nonprofit organization. Can you tell me who the corporate sponsors are as I want to patronize them as a way of thanking them.

We are very proud of our corporate sponsors without whom we would not be able to produce the show.  Please be sure to let them know that you appreciate these companies stepping up to support our event.

Official Corporate Sponsors:

Purina Animal Nutrition

KW Cages

Modesto Milling